Corporate Overview

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With our more than 50 years of combined ownership leaders in the travel industry our companies have merged together to create (MTG). This equated into forming a debt-free infrastructure involving an estimated 100-plus internal associates and operational travel professionals worldwide that markets to over twenty-thousand (20,000) home-based travel agents (over 95% located in North America) with the inclusion of our travel alliances. Today, those multiple company relationships are expanding to create memorable travel experiences throughout the world. The (Company) network of liaisons includes the most respected cruise lines, travel services, airlines, and desirable properties. Our goal is to be the leader in the design and marketing of vacation and travel experiences. Please see “Distinct Competitive Advantages” in this Corporate Overview and the historically proven success creation of the “Customer Loyalty Approach” strategy. The Company believes it is why they were the only travel company listed, involving receiving an endorsement by The Small Business Journal as “One of the Top Five Best Business Opportunities in the Country Today.” The Company also enables it home-based travel agents (IBOs) to earn 100% of the commissions which is by far higher than any major travel company worldwide in the travel industry today.

The Company is headquartered in the USA-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (two separately located U.S. operational/booking-100+ person travel booking call center and support facilities) with offices additionally located in London, England. (Company) is a privately-held travel management company. MTG was formed by acquiring multiple existing travel entities through asset purchases (meaning buying the assets of the respective travel companies only and not the liabilities). The Company has also formed five (5) “Corporate Governance Advisory Committees” (Committees) with functions categorically outlined in this Corporate Overview.

MTG provides though their “Travel Training University” outlined in this Corporate Overview. Our school is engineered unprecedented marketing direction, training and tools for someone first coming into the travel industry, or the very seasoned travel professional. We don’t teach them how to book an airline ticket as an example like most others, but focus more on how they can grow their own travel business, no-longer necessary with the Company’s technology and customer service. This evolution for a home-based travel agent travel is by far superior to any other travel company or travel training school in the industry today. As an industry-leading host agency, MTG also provides superior tools to travel agents included in our Travel Training University. We provide a strategy in an unprecedented for our home-based agents to turn their contacts into clients through a marketing plan that in part concentrates on their own SEO, Web, E-Mail, and Social Media Campaigns. will be unique to the marketplace by offering opportunity and revolutionary technology, products and services, commissions to a worldwide marketplace that represents over 9-trillion annual global sales. will have a “host” travel agent opportunity marketed to displaced or new travel agents looking to contract with a “host” agency to work from home to market and sell travel to earn commissions generated from related travel sales and services. Industry research shows that the average American household spent over $4,400 commissionable travel annually in 2016, offering an additional opportunity for capturing leisure and high end vacation business.

The simplicity of our business is worth it alone, but this major advantage most certainly doesn’t stop there.


Value Proposition-Tangible Benefits (Blow Away the Competition!)
  • The only travel company to receive an endorsement by The Small Business Journal
  • The world’s best leading Business Travel Agency (host). We sell only through our IBO’s
  • Take advantage of the world’s highest paid commission plan. Why settle for less?
  • Developing customer loyalty by offering value, service, benefits and incentives while making the consumer feel special. A low price competitive advantage with a “Match or Beat” pricing policy (please see the Website for more details)
  • “The Travel Professional Marketing and Training System” for predominately new and long-time career travel agents that is simply second to none
  • Experience the “high tech” and “high touch” with your own custom website and domain
  • Industry Leading Commissions, whether you or your customer books online or calls our travel booking call centers on air, car, and hotel unlike all others. This will professionally accommodate the largest growing sector in home-based travel growth referred to as the “new” or “next” generation of travel agents first coming into the travel industry equates to the simplicity of our business model
  • An exclusive “Travel Credit Bonus Program” for our representatives to take their own vacations so they can familiarize themselves with destinations and return with first-hand knowledge
  • Offering opportunity for anyone to become an independent contractor by having their own business to earn part time or fulltime income leading to residual earning potential
  • Offering unique “host” agency system and opportunity to any level of experience. Increase earning based on educational systems, to include webinars, etc. (Knowledge is Power!).
  • Solid Company with a debt-free infrastructure through mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Please see “Booking and Fulfillment Processes” for more “Distinct Competitive Advantages”

Our travel booking call center further differentiates itself from our competitors by offering the following services and credentials. Rating:(4.5 out of 5)

  • 90% of our Travel Call Center Clients feel our Fares are Good or Excellent!
  • 85% of our Travel Call Center Clients feel our Service is Good or Excellent!
  • Product and Service Guarantee
  • Price Meet or Beat Policy
  • Dedicated Travel Professionals that work out the best airfare prices for the most complicated itineraries
  • Live Customer Support. Our professional travel agents are available 24-hours a day / 7-days a week (MTG) has more than 50 years of combined company in business travel experience merged together to create to form a little or no debt-free infrastructure. Please “Acquisition Strategy” centered on the “Customer Loyalty Approach” on the following page of this Corporate Overview.

We feel that never before in history has such a powerful home-based business opportunity emerged to help you succeed, change your life, and also enjoy travel with our exclusive “Travel Credit Bonus Program.”

The consumer can call or book online, complete an online form, chat with an agent, or call mytravelgrab.coms toll-free number(s) that will be credited to the IBO upon them receiving their personal mytravelgrab.coms ID number. Zero reductions in the IBO commissions unlike all others in the home-based travel industry, travel credits for their own getaway, in addition to offering on the highest commissions currently offered in the travel industry by any major travel company, which all combined will give you distinct competitive advantages over any and all competition.

As for “high touch” one of the major complaints by consumers booking at .com travel broker website is the lack of customer service and the inability to speak to a real travel professional for complex vacation planning. Consumers are also complaining about misrepresentation of the so-called “hot deals” found on travel broker’s websites that more times than not vacation deals are low quality resulting in the consumer having a terrible vacation experience. (MTG) will offer the consumer access to trained travel professionals that will help the consumer plan their vacation, offer recommendations and work the quote request similar to the service that a traditional travel agent has offered in the past. MTG has a creative plan to develop an army of travel professionals that will be contracted with the travel agency and paying start-up business opportunity fees and monthly fees to have access to the travel agency’s systems, technology, training etc.

ACQUISITION STRATEGY (CUSTOMER LOYALTY APPROACH): (MTG) was created through asset purchases (acquisitions) of several existing travel companies that collectively have over 50-years in business in the travel industry to sell through prospective Independent Business Owners (IBOs). Please see MTGs historically proven successful by other organizations “Acquisition Strategy” on the graphic below that is centered on the “Customer Loyalty Approach.” It was additionally based on the premise that consumer access and demand for “destination” vacations were not being maximized. The Company recognized an opportunity to bring a broad range of properties and destinations directly to the public through a network of IBOs, focusing on the variety of dreams and visions held by the majority of vacationing consumers.

17th September, 2013

The Company presented the concept described in this document to key leaders in the vacation industry, and developed resource relationships with a number of high-quality vacation providers. The Company negotiates directly with these vacation providers, including resort destinations, major hotel chains, and cruise lines, to deliver highly competitive rates on existing capacity. Combined with favorable airline and ground transportation rates, the Company is able to pre-package and deliver leisure travel at a competitive price.


Our Mission, Vision and Values recognize that our constantly changing industry is both a challenge and an opportunity. Empower students to achieve their aspirations through flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant educational programs with a major focus on building their own business.


The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System – Be Your Own Boss and Build Your Business!

All of our students are also offered the opportunity to work from home as Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with (MTG). The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System partners with numerous individuals and travel companies to make this exciting career available to you with (MTG) business opportunity. This allows you to be your own boss, earn unlimited income where we focus the major part of our training on building your business, and enjoy great travel benefits. Training and assistance are available to help you get off to a good start. Also, unlike any other with unlimited webinars that never expires without any additional fees. We want our agents to start out and remain successful!

Our University focuses on more about building your business rather than the others who train you how to physically make a booking, which we feel is very old school with the simplicity of our technology along with the fact that we additionally offer call center and online support. This is exactly why refers to our home-based agents (IBOs) as travel marketers rather than travel agents. A home-based travel agent in 2017 must possess relationship-building skills along with knowledge of the Internet and e-commerce. The more traveled (MTGs exclusive “Travel Credit Bonus Program” an agent is, the more successful they might be evolving a community based environment. Knowledge of the CRS/GDS, ticketing and faring, orthodox travel agency operations and such are simply irrelevant.

The travel industry is constantly changing with your new career choice and we will keep you up to date indefinitely during the entire duration of your chosen career in the travel industry. The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System also specializes in working with new travel agents. Our award winning training program also provides motivational support, networking, guest speakers, and valuable knowledge sharing suggested best practices.

The massive changes I have seen in the travel business over the last 10 years is unprecedented, leaving even the most optimistic knowing there is no such thing as business as usual. Change that constantly takes us on different journeys has become our normal way of life. Tomorrow will be no different. or MTG addresses these changes like no-other being the only one to offer incessant and unlimited professional marketing & training like no other travel training school or system with no additional costs. Through the years I have attended other travel training schools/systems that focus entirely on booking travel that holds to this very day. With the technological changes this is completely unnecessary that is so well known throughout the entire travel industry. If you are a new agent coming into travel for the first time; MTGs Travel Professional Marketing & Training System is your only choice in my opinion if you truly want to become successful!”

Patty K.

(Current MTG student and travel agent for over 20-years)

How successful you are is up to you!

Are you are spending enough time and money marketing your business? If not, you are ignoring a critical success component. We go to work with you and enjoy increased revenue!

The Travel Training University program includes but not limited to:

  • Identifying the customer and how to find clients.
  • How to follow up on sales to get repeat sales, year after year.
  • Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Selling Cruises
  • Supplier and Destination facts
  • Computer Reservations System
  • Booking Procedures both on and off line
  • Selling Groups
  • People and Places: Destination Geography
  • North American Aviation and Airports
  • International Travel
  • Road and Rail Travel
  • Supplement: Time Management Guide
  • World Tours
  • Meetings and Marketing
  • Building the Itinerary
  • Building the Passenger Name Record

…And Much More

We’ll give you a strong foundation for a meaningful career in the travel industry!

According to the Oprah Winfrey Show…

”The #1 Happiest Workers in America are Home-based Travel Agents”