Are you considering registering for the (MTG) award winning Travel Training University, or joining our revolutionary travel business opportunity, or both? We want you to get to know us. We take seriously the responsibility of delivering clear information that can be used by our Independent Business Owners (IBOs), or prospective IBOs, to make solid decisions for their future. Our website is a wealth of information, but we also recognize that sometimes a direct question and answer is best. In order to best serve the needs of our web visitors, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are compiled in cooperation with the “National Notary Association.” The simplicity of our business is worth it alone, but this major advantage most certainly doesn’t stop there.

Prospective Independent Business Owners (IBOs) may ask whether we notarize the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The answer is “Yes,” and it’s not a particularly complicated or expensive process. Once we determine an item should be added to our FAQs, we simply print out the source text of the question, and book a short appointment with a notary to sign a simple declaration (affidavit) to the effect that ours is a true representation of the submitted question, as well as the order of important of the question itself. The notary charges a nominal fee for the verification service.


The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) contains that most asked questions that were gathered/collected/compiled from both potential students (Travel Training University) and individuals of interest in the travel business opportunity.


General Questions & Answers


Q: Do you offer me my own personalized website, or do you offer a link for my customers to hook into that I direct them to like other home-based opportunities?

A: We offer each of our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) their own professional and personalized website. We feel this is critically important when it comes to directing your customers to your own custom website from a sales perspective alone. However, there are many other benefits for our home-based travel representatives (IBOs). Please remember this is your business, and why type of business today does not have their own website.


Q: Why are you the only travel company that I am aware that pays even close to 100% commission? How does make any money?

A: It is because of our shear volume in association with our sister companies. Many people don’t know that every time travel is booked it produces a segment. The industry also pays money to wholesale travel companies like ours on segments produced. It is also important when a travel agency joins us (usually brick of mortar in a retail location) that they can earn 100% of the commissions (Base Commissions, Team, and Travel Credits) since this is what they are accustomed to earning, despite the fact they say we were able to get them higher commissions. They have extra costs like overhead, employees, and independent travel sales representatives under their umbrella etc. to pay. Finally, some choose not to build a business beyond their own personal travel sales, so they don’t additionally receive Team commission part of commission plan as with a travel agency. We constantly work to improve our company so that we can continue to pass the higher commission levels on to our IBOs.

Q: I moved over to MTG from another host I was with for a number of reasons. In my search for a new home-based travel company, where I might add that I looked at many others simply because I had to get it right this time, I found your website in relationship to all the others I viewed were much more informative. My question is why does your opportunity; in particular, offer so much informative information on your website?

: A: We believe for a number of reasons. Yes, we provide on our website more than enough information for someone to make an educated decision as why they should join over any and all others.There is no other opportunity out there that comes close to our opportunity throughout, and our so-called competition knows this. Period! We think another reason could be like with others; doesn’t have any hidden costs or fees.

Q: Do you have a business plan that explains the internal specifics of your business Opportunity?

A: Yes, you can view our white paper entitled “Corporate Overview” on our website under our “Corporate Governance” section. This overview we highly suggest you read, and in itself will give you a lot of information on We also have strictly a Promotional Video presentation of the opportunity that is also available on the website.

Q: Will I be able to compete with Internet and other travel companies?

A: Yes. We hear about our competitive advantages from our home-based agents all the time. Technology and the Internet have made selling travel from home easy and profitable. Our prices are competitive, but we encourage our home-based agents to sell themselves and their service as opposed to price. You will have some clients that prefer to book their own travel online. They can now do that from “your” website and you get paid every time they book travel. Finally, we back this with our “Meet or Beat” pricing policy. The facts remain, if you can offer the same pricing (or less) than Internet travel providers, they will buy from someone they know or reached out to them every single time.

What makes different from any other online travel companies or other home-based travel business opportunities?
A: The main differences and advantages are:


Distinct Competitive Advantages (Blow Away the Competition!)

 (Voted Again, and Again, and Again and Again, the best business opportunity in travel by new and experienced travel agents alike!)

Value Proposition-Tangible Benefits

  • The only travel company to receive an endorsement by The Small Business Journal
  • The world’s best leading Business Travel Agency (host)
  • Take advantage of the world’s highest paid commission plan. Why settle for less?
  • Developing customer loyalty by offering value, service, benefits and incentives while making the consumer feel special. A low price competitive advantage with a “Meet or Beat” Pricing Policy (please see the Website for more details)
  • “The Travel Professional Marketing and Training System” for predominately new and long-time career travel agents that is simply second to none
  • Experience the “high tech” and “high touch” with your own custom website and domain
  • Unmatched industry Leading Commissions, whether you or your customer books online or calls our travel booking call centers on air, car, and hotel unlike all others. This will professionally accommodate the largest growing sector in home-based travel growth referred to as the “new” or “next” generation of travel agents first coming into the travel industry equates to the simplicity of our business model
  • An exclusive “Travel Credit Bonus Program” for our representatives to take their own vacations so they can familiarize themselves with destinations and return with first-hand knowledge
  • Offering opportunity for anyone to become an independent contractor by having their own business to earn part time or fulltime income leading to residual earning potential
  • Offering unique “host” agency system and opportunity to any level of experience. Increase earning based on educational systems, to include webinars, etc. (Knowledge is Power!).
  • Solid Company with a debt-free infrastructure through mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Please see “Booking and Fulfillment Processes” for more distinct competitive advantages


Our travel booking call center further differentiates itself from our competitors by offering the following services and credentials. Rating: (4.5 out of 5)


  • 90%of our Travel Call Center Clients feel our Fares are Good or Excellent!
  • 85%of our Travel Call Center Clients feel our Service is Good or Excellent!
  • Product and Service Guarantee
  • Price Meet or Beat Policy
  • Dedicated Travel Professionals that work out the best airfare prices for the most complicated itineraries
  • Live Customer Support. Our professional travel agents are available 24-hours a day / 7-days a week

Q: What kind of people are (MTG’s) Independent Business Owners (IBOs)?

A: Our IBOs can be new to the travel industry or experienced travel professionals. They come from all walks of life including professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, stay-at-home moms, teachers, retirees and people in freelance occupations such as writers and photographers.  Many work as IBOs full time and many work part time to supplement their income.

Q: Do you have a list of your key management?

A: Yes, this once again is outlined in detail in our “Corporate Overview” that is located under our “Corporate Governance” section available on the website on our main or landing page.

Q: Are (MTG) Independent Business Owners (IBOs) employees of the company?

A: No. MTG Independent Business Owners are independent contractors who own their own businesses and are not employees of the company.

Q: Can I work as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) part-time and still keep my present job?

A: Yes, many of our IBOs work from their homes on a part-time basis. If you choose to work part-time and retain your full-time job, this may enable you to make additional contacts for selling travel.



Q: Does (MTG) offer training?

A: Yes! provides complete training with our Travel Training University and a program referred to as The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System means the most comprehensive advanced/repetitious travel marketing/training and support program in the travel industry today! Unlike other travel training programs we focus more on the marketing end of the business where your income will ultimately be derived from. Simply put, we uncover insights to drive sales into your business. Also, with recent technologic advances and call center support, booking travel has never been easier! Knowledge of the CRS/GDS, ticketing and faring, orthodox travel agency operations and such are simply irrelevant. Having a CTC since 2000 in travel is meaningless as previously noted in the report: “History of Travel Retailing From an Educational Perspective.”


We offer over a minimum of 30-online webinars (with special guest’s speakers) annually alone. There is no expiration on the training year after year with zero hidden costs or additional fees so you can stay on top of all the changes that will naturally occur in the travel industry year after year. If you cannot physically attend an online webinar it will be made via a recording so you won’t miss out on important training.


All of our students are also offered the opportunity to work from home as Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with (MTG). The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System partners with numerous individuals and travel companies to make this exciting career available to you with (MTG) business opportunity. This allows you to be your own boss, earn unlimited income where we focus the major part of our training on building your business, and enjoy great travel benefits. Training and assistance are available to help you get off to a good start. Also, unlike any other with unlimited webinars that never expires without any additional fees. We want our agents to start out and remain successful!


Our University focuses on more about building your business rather than the others who train you how to physically make a booking, which we feel is very old school with the simplicity of our technology along with the fact that we additionally offer call center and online support. This is exactly why refers to our home-based agents (IBOs) as travel marketers rather than travel agents. A home-based travel agent in 2017 must possess relationship-building skills along with knowledge of the Internet and e-commerce.


Our goal is to empower students to achieve their aspirations through flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant travel and travel related educational programs.


The – Be Your Own Boss!

All of our students are also offered the opportunity to work from home as Independent Business Owners (IBOs). The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System partners with numerous travel companies to make this exciting career available to you with This allows you to be your own boss, earn unlimited income, and enjoy great travel benefits. Training and assistance are available to help you get off to a good start that unlike any other is unlimited and never expires without any additional fees. The travel industry is always changing with your new career choice and we will keep you up to date indefinitely during the entire duration of your chosen career in the travel industry. The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System also specializes in working with new travel agents.


How successful you are is up to you!


The training program includes but not limited to:

  • Identifying the customer and how to find clients.
  • How to follow up on sales to get repeat sales, year after year.
  • Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Building the Passenger Name Record and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Selling Cruises
  • Supplier and Destination facts
  • Computer Reservations System  
  • Booking Procedures both on and off line
  • Selling Groups
  • People and Places: Destination Geography  
  • More than a sale on the importance of service; marketing; market research; tourists, day-trippers and discretionary travelers; the role of technology; the changing world of travel; place names; reading maps; land and water features; measuring distances, time and population; climate and weather; local customs: politics, the arts, language, food and beverage, religion and recreation; sources of information: guidebooks, TV, radio, videos, the Internet, trade publications, tourist boards, trade shows and familiarization trips; ecotourism; adventure travel.
  • North American Aviation and Airports  
  • Evolution of the aviation industry; airline classification; full service, regional and supplemental carriers; rules and regulators; airline routes; product distribution; codes and jargon; automation: Apollo/Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan and Orbitz; domestic airline fares; yield management; airline reservations; the disappearing paper ticket; airport access and design; flight operations; airport management; airplanes; baggage handling; special requests; arrivals and departures.
  • International Travel  
  • Rules and regulations for international travel; passports and visas; other documentation; traveler’s health and safety; travel advisories; customs regulations and procedures; declarations; duty-free exemptions; prohibited and restricted articles; airport duty-free shops; foreign currency exchange; ways to carry money; international aviation: routes and schedules, airport codes, airline fares, consolidators, reservations and ticketing; fare principles; International Air Transport Association.
  • Road and Rail Travel  
  • Evolution of the rail industry; domestic passenger trains and regulation; Amtrak: accommodations, routes, fares and reservations; VIA Rail Canada; international passenger trains and train stations; rail passes; great train trips of the world; reference materials; the future of rail travel; the car rental industry; domestic car rentals; motorists’ organizations; international rental.
  • Supplement: Time Management Guide  
  • How to be more productive and use your time efficiently – both as a student and when you start your new career.
  • Evolution of the cruise industry; the cruise product; traditions of the sea; life aboard ship: dining, accommodations, security, food and beverage service; dress, personal services, port calls and debarkation; passenger profiles; popular cruise areas; coastal cruises; specialty expedition cruises; freighters; rules and regulations; management on ship and shore; cruise sales; cruise reference books.
  • Evolution of the modern hotel; industry pioneers; hotel classification; unique properties; corporate structure; price tiers and branding; hotel staffing; food and beverage service; rules and regulators; hotel sales and reservations.
  • World Tours  
  • Evolution of the tour; the grand tour; the cook’s tour; the golden age; tauck tours; mass tourism; independent tours; hosted tours; escorted tours; niche marketing; touring areas and destinations; theme parks; museum villages; parks, forests, campgrounds and trailer parks; international, national and regional tour organizations; tour development; determining costs; tour sales and operations; establishing reservations and documentation procedures; operating the tour; the tour director; follow-through; tourism and the environment; nature tourism.
  • Meetings and Marketing  
  • Evolution of the modern meeting; meeting development: site selection, negotiating with suppliers, pricing, payments, promotion and handling reservations; operating the meeting: registration desk, meal functions, room setup and equipment; trade shows; rules and regulators; incentive travel: setting objectives, measuring performance, choosing rewards and celebrating achievement; marketing strategy; sales outlets; the travel agency; the Internet; promoting; qualifying prospects; presenting; closing the sale; trade associations and educational organizations.
  • Computer basics; how travel industry computers communicate; how the CRT performs it functions; basics of the keyboard; entering computer commands; agent identification; agent assembly areas; encoding; decoding.
  • Building the Itinerary  
  • The fare shopper display; how to display and interpret a city pair availability screen and a return flight availability screen; selling from availability displays; the direct sell entry; how to sell a flight from the city pair availability screen; how to direct sell a flight segment.
  • Building the Passenger Name Record  


…And Much More


For additional support, provides experienced and knowledgeable people that are dedicated to your success along with suppliers who will assist you building your business. We have both new individuals that are coming into our industry along with travel agents with 50-plus years’ experience that tell us it is hands down the very best ongoing training they have ever experienced.


Learn how to become a travel agent online with in-depth training covering the key skills you need to succeed in the real world. Start when you’re ready, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ll give you a strong foundation for a meaningful career in the travel industry.


Q: Is there ongoing training?

A:  Ongoing training is made available both online and in person. From time to time, our Suppliers will do live training through online training demonstrations and conference calls. This is where a meeting time is determined, you log into a link that is forwarded to you via e-mail that will enable you to view the computer monitor of the person giving the presentation. You will also be given a conference call number to call into to listen to the trainer.

Computer & Internet Requirements

Q: What type of computer and software do I need?

A: The minimum requirements are a Pentium PC with a sound card, 16 MB RAM, 28.8 Baud modem, and a CD-ROM drive. In addition, you will need a local connection to the Internet, preferably a high-speed cable connection.  Our program supports the latest web browsers, which support cookies. No software will be installed on your computer.

Q: Can I use any Internet Service Provider (ISP) for my connection to my personalized site?

A: You can use any ISP you prefer, with any modern web browser. There are no restrictions on how you connect to the site. Your browser must be able to support cookies, and you must maintain a valid e-mail account. It is that simple.

Q: How long does it take to get my business started if I elect to join

A: Upon joining and once your payment has been processed, you can immediately use our name along with your businesses name and begin marketing travel programs to you own travel website that we set up for you. Training on the use of the Booking Engine and Resource Center and on the products of our travel partners will be provided on an ongoing basis. Everyone wants to travel and take vacations. And, since our industry is both the largest and faster growing industry in the world, your potential clients will be very receptive since almost everyone travels. is a solid Company backing you that you can be proud to represent!

Travel Credits

Q: My main reason for joining MTG was to take vacations with my family that we would not ordinarily be able to go on. I love your travel credit program.

A: Yes, many love this program that is exclusive to us. After joining you can literally travel free and get paid for it.

Q: How does your Travel Credit Bonus Program work?

A: We are the only travel company to offer this benefit! Our Travel Credit Bonus Program is set up so you can go on your own grand getaway! Travel Credits are credited to an IBOs. Travel Credit Bonus Bank Account at the time a travel commission is received and processed at These can be used when an IBO has been with the company a minimum of 90 days, is paid in full, current on all fees and in good standing. A Travel Credit is equivalent to $1 (one U.S. dollar).

Our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) simply produce more; and in turn have a more successful business with this proven program that has been used successfully in a different form within the travel industry with a acquired company for over a decade! The intent of the program is to also allow IBOs to familiarize themselves with the vacation destinations to better market and sell our product suppliers.


The accumulation of Travel Credits with a home-based representative in combination with increased supplier support is a powerful combination. “Travel Credits” will only be issued for their original value, which is equivalent to $1 (one) USD per 1 (one) Travel Credit with zero restrictions for airfare or with any travel, as with certain point systems for our active Independent Business Owners (IBOs).


The Company’s Travel Credit Bonus Program will be available for use and has been established as a bonus for active Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who think of everything to make their customer’s vacation perfect. MTG will reward them with a bonus in the way of Travel Credits for their special effort and training to deliver exceptional client services.





Q: How can I market my business with a tight budget?

A: Of course, maintaining a reasonable advertising budget is essential. However, even with the tightest budget, we will assist you with a series of Press Releases that have been Company approved and professionally written. You can send these releases to the local media in your area. Word of mouth and direct contact is proven to be the best form of advertising. As an example, some of our most successful IBOs simply set a goal of handing out a minimum number of business cards each and every day.

Q: I have my own marketing campaign that I want to implement to promote my home-based business. Can you help with Co-op support?

A: may be able to assist you with cooperative funding and offsetting your marketing costs with co-op advertising assistance. Marketing campaigns can also be developed with our existing product suppliers. If approved and accepted by the savings could be up to 50% or more of the total cost of your advertising! Contact us at with your marketing plan. We will have one of our representatives contact both you and our suppliers to see if we can offer Co-op support on your plan.


For additional support, MTG provides experienced and knowledgeable people that are dedicated to your success along with suppliers who will assist you building your business. We have both new individuals that are coming into our industry along with travel agents with 50-plus years’ experience that tell us it is “hands down” the very best ongoing training they have ever experienced.


As an Independent Business Owner (IBO), you will have award-winning marketing programs developed using a seven-dimensional marketing strategy that includes Digital Marketing, Offline Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development. These tools are provided to support the growth of your business.


If you are not spending time and money to market your business? If not, you are ignoring a critical and most important success component because this is what will ultimately produce income!


Learn how to become a travel agent marketer online with in-depth marketing and training covering the key skills you need to succeed in the real world. Start when you’re ready, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ll give you a strong foundation for a meaningful career in the travel industry!


Business Basics

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: For their protection and yours, encourage your clients to pay by Credit Card.  If a travel supplier goes out of business, they may be able to get their money refunded through the Credit Card Company.  If a client insists on paying by check, contact the actual travel and see if the travel supplier will accept it.

Q: Do I need a business license or tax ID number?

A: Check with your local government office to determine what is required within your county or state. A Tax ID Number is recommended in order to receive the benefits of owning your own business. Check with your accountant or CPA for his/her advice in this area.

Q: How do I get brochures to give to clients?

A: All the information you need to sell Travel and Vacation Packages will be available on your own personalized website or on the Internet and can be forwarded to your clients by e-mail. Therefore, there will be no need to mail expensive brochures. Everything can be done electronically. However, if you choose, you can order brochures from our individual suppliers listed.

Q: How should I set up my home office?

A: If at all possible you should have a separate room or area designated for your home-based travel business. In order to effectively operate your business, you need to have a personal computer, an Internet connection (please see computer and Internet requirements), fax machine, and a separate phone line for your business, with unlimited nationwide calling. The more office-like the atmosphere with no outside interruptions, such as those you might encounter in the family room, the more successful your business will be.

Q: Do I have to purchase any travel or vacation inventory?

A: No. One of the many great things about our program is that you DO NOT have to purchase ANY inventory.  In some cases, will purchase inventory, such as group space, in advance to secure the availability of a high-demand usually seasonal product.  Outside of this scenario, what you sell will be based on space available when the booking is made.

Q: Can I market online?

A: Yes! You will have your own custom website and marketing programs.  That is one of the benefits of being an Independent Business Owner with  Start collecting the e-mail addresses of your customers and you can give them access to your personal website.  You will be fully trained on how to use this valuable tool.

Q: What product or service should I sell?

A: That’s the big question! works with leading travel industry suppliers, so you can offer your clients the most popular destinations at very reasonable prices. offers training to our IBOs, so that you can become familiar with these products and sell them with confidence.


Financial & Start-Up Costs


Q: Is there a cost for your training?

A: Yes, has a one-time fee of $399 for the “Travel Training University.” This unprecedented training program (which costs far less than other travel training programs) includes initial training for your business startup and includes regular webinars, year after year, for continuous and ongoing training, for no additional cost, in the ever-changing travel industry.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted for the Travel Training University registration?

A: You can pay your registration fee either by ACH check or by major credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You can also choose to finance the Sign-up Fee of $399 for only 20% down.


Q: Do you offer financing on the Travel Training University registration fee?

A: Yes, we do. will guarantee your credit approval without a credit check. There is a 20% down payment required, and you can pay the balance with your choice of a 6-month or 12-month payment plan as follows:


Down Payment: $80

6-Month: Payment is $55 per month

Total Cost: $410

12-Month: Payment is $28 per month

Total Cost: $416


Q: Are there any annual or monthly fees (optional) if I elect to join as an Independent Business Owner (IBO)?

A: There are no annual renewal fees. There is a Monthly License fee of $29.99 (paid via ACH only) that provides full access to all of the suite of travel applications and tools, in addition to your personalized travel website. Special Note: You do not have to join the business opportunity (Business Travel Agency) after registering for the Travel Training University.  This is paid via an ACH Transaction (a paperless electronic payment). Click here to “Get the Facts” on paying green:


Q: Are there any other costs that I need to be aware of?

A: No, there are no hidden costs charged to you when you join, although you will incur your own expenses to manage your home-based business, just as you would for an insurance agency, for example.


Q: How much time will it take before I start to see results from my efforts?

A: provides all the tools for you to be successful in running your own home-based travel business. It is up to you to put forth the effort to build your business. is not a “get rich quick business”. You will “reap what you sew” in the exciting business of selling what everyone loves to do. TRAVEL is currently the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, and an excellent product for your home business! As soon as you complete the Travel Training University, you can begin earning.


Q: When will I get paid on my travel sales?

A: earns Company Commissions from our travel partners on travel products sold and pays the IBO commissions and Travel Credit Bonuses. The IBO Commission will be paid following the completion of travel and receipt of the Company Commission.
Q: Do I earn commissions on air?
A: Most airlines do not pay commission, but does charge service fees with some airfare products.  Whether an airfare is commissionable to, or if a service fee applies, then you will receive a commission as described below.

Q: How will I know how much commission I earn?

A: pays you at least 70% in commission, including Travel Credits and bonuses (please see directly below for a complete commission and service fee outline). This is hands down the highest commission paid by any credible travel company in our industry today that is supported in a feature article written by Travel Agent Magazine on one of our previously acquired travel companies.


Commission Outline


NOTE: All Cash Commissions shall be paid in USD and only if an IBO is in good standing and is current on all fees. will pay out at least 70% of the Company Commissions as follows.

IBO DIRECT COMMISSIONS: Base of 60% of Company Commission*. No qualifying necessary.

TRAVEL CREDITS: 10% of Company Commission with Travel Credits with no qualifications. (Please see “Terms and Conditions” which is the Agreement you signed as a condition of being an IBO with for more information on Travel Credit usage).

NOTE: IBOs are additionally entitled to share all supplier override commissions and bonuses.  Sometimes suppliers will pay back-end commissions if a certain market share is met.

IBO SUPER BONUS (PAID ANNUALLY): 10% in Cash + an additional 10% of amount in Travel Credits for annual cash commission of $10,000 or more to include Team Leader Commissions.



This was incorporated into the program since airlines do not any longer pay commissions on domestic air travel. We back all of our airfare with a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy in the rare event someone finds a lower airfare price. Special Note: Please call our call center directly for pricing on all international business class flights due to mainly the constant changes.


Q: Can I earn money on the travel product purchases that I personally make?

A: Of course! As long as your purchase is processed through your own website and the tools, you will receive compensation for any commissionable sale.


Q: Do I need an accountant?
A: There are so many variables to that question. You must report your commissions, as you normally would account for any income that you earned throughout the year. You may consider hiring a tax professional to prepare your year-end tax filings. will send you the IRS required form at the end of the year.

Q: Will I receive tax benefits?

A: As an Independent Business Owner, you are now in business for yourself. The IRS allows self-employed people to deduct ordinary and customary business expenses such as your hardware and office furniture purchases, advertising, business travel etc. if they fall under certain guidelines. We recommend that you talk with your tax advisor about your specific situation.

Q: How does track my commissions?

A: Since all sales are processed through the booking engine, record keeping of your commissions is all done electronically. Working with our travel product providers, we have designed a program that will provide ongoing reports. This program allows us to track your commissions and send an accurate accounting to your personal page in the Resource Center of the website. Full support includes commission tracking and payments, client and supplier payment processing, ARC processing, address verification for online bookings, and credit card merchant processing.

Q: What other expenses do I have while operating my own business?

A: As a home-based travel business, there is very little overhead. You will have the basic expenses that any business would incur such as tax advisor fees, mailing, marketing and advertising, office supplies and software, utilities and phone charges. You will also have to maintain an Internet service and e-mail.


Q: How do I find out if a commission came in for one of my bookings?

A: You can go to your own back office of your website on the website and check on the status of your Commissions, Team Bonuses and Travel Credits. These are applied to your online account when receives commissions.

Q: What if I sell a vacation to a client and receive a commission from that sale, then the client decides to book with directly without my knowledge or involvement for his or her next vacation?

A: Once they are established in our system as your client, you will receive the residual income on the client for as long as you are an active IBO in good standing with The exception to this would be if the client requested another IBO to handle their travel requirements.


Customer Service


Q: Can I call and ask questions before I make a reservation?

A: Our call center and online assistance are there to help you, or simply call the reservation department of the travel supplier you are working with. Our Travel Partners have a staff of seasoned professionals who can help you with your reservations before, during or after your client travels. Since our commission structure is the highest overall in the industry today, we want our representatives (IBOs) to contact the particular travel supplier for all bookings, or make the booking directly online. In a business class airfare booking, we want our IBOs to call our call center every single time since there are so many constant changes and variations, enabling you in most cases saving your customer money.

Q: What other assistance do you offer to help me service and grow my business?

A: You will be trained on the use of the booking/marketing systems and study materials will be provided so you can familiarize yourself with our Travel Partners.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet with our suppliers online and possibly in person, who will offer training and assist you in growing your business.

Reporting & Monitoring

Q: How can I view my sales activity and commission?

A: Upon being accepted into the program, you will be given a login and password to access your personal business information on the website in

Q: Is this reporting tool 24/7?

A: Yes. You can access your information at anytime.

Q: How do I find Abbreviations, Terms and Definitions?

A: Please see directly for a complete listing of our “Abbreviations, Terms and Definitions.”


mytravelgrab.coms “Abbreviations, Terms, and definitions


“ (MTG)” means the corporation’s marketing focal point.

“Independent Business Owner (IBO)” mean MTG members using the MTG System to sell travel and related products and services.

“The MTG System” means the business model.

“The Travel Training University” means the most advanced/repetitious travel training program in the industry today with over 30-online webinars (with special guests and experts) annually alone. There is no expiration on the training year after year with zero hidden costs or fees.

“Business Opportunity” means a promotional travel program given to each IBO upon entering into the (MTG) technology System upon being a part of the MTG. The cost of the business opportunity is $29.99 per month.

“The System” means the current version of the application software for travel and tourism services in machine-readable form, in Single Provider set-up mode and its Documentation.

“Equipment” means the equipment (Hardware, Network Infrastructure, and System Software) on which the System will be installed.

“Maintenance Services” means the services to be provided in accordance with Company’s technology.

“The License” means the limited term license granted to

“Release(s)/Version(s)” means any updated version of the System that replaces all prior versions of the System or one or more Subsystems, or part of them, which may be released from time to time.

“Service” means any type of service (Flight, Car, Accommodation, Excursion, Transfer, Cruises, Trip Insurance, Event Tickets and etc. {but not limited to these) reserved (booked) in the System by any MTG member, IBO, affiliates and/or any subsidiaries.

Business Class Airfare” means what used to be termed “First Class” which is ever changing on price. Please call our call center on Business Class bookings for pricing to obtain the lowest price available.

“Anniversary Date” means the day you actually become a member of the Business Opportunity by paying first monthly fee, and agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions” outlined.

“Automatic Renewal” means as a member of the MTG Business Opportunity (unless otherwise stated on the program, product or service offering) all products and services are renewed automatically at the beginning of each annual period (Anniversary Date) for the following year, unless you notify MTG by the eleventh (11th) month after joining upon your intent to cancel since our agreements (licenses and strategic partners) throughout are based annually for each individual IBO.

“Monthly Qualifications” There are no monthly qualifications for sales for receiving commissions.

“Monthly Fees” There is a Monthly License Fee of $29.99. The first month’s fee will be due at sign-up and this amount will automatically be charged to your ACH account on the same date each month. There are no other annual or hidden fees.

“ACH” is an electronic payment alternative to credit cards and paper checks to “Pay It Green.” The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is the same safe, secure, and reliable system used by hundreds of thousands of companies for processing direct deposit payroll, loans, mortgages, utility bills, insurance premiums, and the Federal government for benefit payments and social security.

“IBO Direct Commissions” means that MTG will pay you with bonuses (Cash-70%) PLUS an additional 10% of that amount in Travel Credits and extra bonuses on all Commissionable sales enabling them to earn over 80% of the commissions as follows:

“Commissions” means that portion of the MTG Commission that is shared with the IBO.

“Commissionable Sales” are defined as all sales on which MTG pays commission to the IBOs. This excludes most airline tickets (see Service Fees below), taxes, port fees, and other non-commissionable items.

“Gross Vacation Margins (GVM).” The total amount of the (gross) sales of any vacation product less the direct costs related to that vacation sale.

“Travel Credits” are an incentive for our IBOs to travel with our travel partners using the MTG Travel Credit Bonus program. When any new IBO is accepted by MTG and completes the Training Questionnaire, he receives $50 in Travel Credits deposited directly into his “Travel Credit Bank Account.” Then every time an IBO earns an IBO Commission, either by direct commission or bonus commission, an additional 10% of that commission is a bonus that is paid into the IBOs Travel Credit Bank Account. (Please see “Terms and conditions” involving the usage of Travel Credits)

“Travel Credit Bank Account” means that Travel Credits will be deposited into an IBOs personal Travel Credit Bank Account. This account can only be used by IBOs who are in good standing and current on all fees for at least 90 days.

“Service Fees” means that MTG will share net Service Fee Income with the IBOs. This “Independent Business Owner Terms and Conditions” lists herein the MTG Net Service Fees to be earned in Dollars where the Independent Business Owner (IBO) will earn 100% of these fees. These earnings are not eligible for additional Travel Credits.

“Super Bonus” means that MTG will pay an additional 10% as outlined in the “MTG Compensation Program.” These bonuses are paid and based on volume levels in commissions made solely through the booking engine by an individual IBO.

“Bookings vs. IBO Commissions” means that MTG earns MTG Commissions and pays the IBO commissions and Travel Credits on tour and travel product sales. When a booking is made, money changes hand from the traveler to the travel provider. In most cases, the actual commission will not be paid until the travel product is used, which may be months later. So it is important to understand that an IBO will be paid when MTG is paid and when travel is completed. Please note: there are situations where MTG is paid its commission before the actual travel date.



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