Policy For Shareholder Nomination Of Candidates To Become Directors Of The Company

The Nominating, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Committee for MyTravelGrab.com are responsible for screening and recommending director candidates to the full Board for nomination. Effective with the publication of this proxy statement, when there is an opening on the Board, the Nominating, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Committee will consider nominations received from our shareholders, provided that proposed candidates meet the requisite director qualification standards discussed below. When the Board elects to fill a vacancy on the Board, the committee will announce the open position on our corporate Web site and post any additional search criteria. When appropriate, the committee will also engage an independent third-party search firm. The committee will then evaluate the resumes of any qualified candidates recommended by shareholders and search firms, as well as by members of the Board. Generally, in order to be considered for nomination, a candidate must have:

  • high professional and personal ethics and values;
  • a strong record of significant leadership and meaningful accomplishments in his or her field;
  • broad policy-making experience;
  • the ability to think strategically;
  • sufficient time to carry out the duties of Board membership; and
  • a commitment to enhancing shareholder value and representing the interests of all shareholders.

Candidates are evaluated based on these qualification standards and the current needs of the Board.

All shareholder nominations must be accompanied by a candidate resume, which addresses the extent to which the nominee meets the director qualification standards and any additional search criteria posted on our corporate Web site. Nominations will be considered only if we are currently seeking to fill an open director position. All nominations by shareholders should be sent to the Chairman of the Nominating, Corporate Governance and Public Policy Committee c/o the Company’s Vice President and Executive Director, at the following address:

Logistics, ITO Technologies, ITO Finance, Customer Relationship Management,

Affiliates, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances

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