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Is there a cost for your training and business opportunity?

Yes, has a one-time fee of $399 for the “Travel Training University.” Our travel business opportunity costs $29.99 a month (optional) to remain active. This unprecedented training program (which costs far less than other travel training programs and business opportunities) includes initial training for your business startup and includes regular webinars, year after year, for continuous and ongoing training, for no additional cost, in the ever-changing travel industry. What we offer represents many thousands of dollars you would need to spend to recreate the tools, systems, training, and marketing technology that we include. All this without any hidden costs or fees.

What forms of payment are accepted for specifically the Travel Training University registration?

You can pay your registration fee either by ACH check or by major credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You can also choose to make payments on the Sign-up Fee of $399 for only 20% down. 

Do you offer monthly payments on the Travel Training University tuition?

Yes, we do. will guarantee your credit approval without a credit check on our one-time price of $399 for our Travel Training University. There is a 20% down payment required, and you can pay the balance with your choice of a 6-month or 12-month payment plan as follows:

  • Travel Training University: $399
  • Down Payment: $79
  • 6-Month: 6 payments of $59 per month
  • Grand Total of 6-month: $433
  • 12-Month: 12 payments of $32 per month
  • Grand Total 12-month: $463

Are there any annual or monthly fees (optional) if I elect to join as an Independent Business Owner (IBO)?

There are no annual renewal fees. There is a Monthly License fee of $29.99 (paid via ACH only), and is optional, meaning if are in our Travel Training University, you don’t have to also join our business opportunity. However, our business opportunity does provide full access to the entire suite of travel applications and tools, in addition to your personalized travel website. Special Note: You do not have to join the business opportunity (Business Travel Agency) after registering for the Travel Training University.  If you chose the $29.99 per month is paid via an ACH Transaction (a paperless electronic payment). Click here to “Get the Facts” on paying green:

Are there any other costs that I need to be aware of?

No, there are no hidden costs charged to you when you join, although you will incur your own expenses to manage your home-based business, just as you would for an insurance agency, for example.

How much time will it take before I start to see results from my efforts? provides all the tools for you to be successful in running your own home-based travel business. It is up to you to put forth the effort to build your business. is not a “get rich quick business”. You will “reap what you sew” in the exciting business of selling what everyone loves to do. TRAVEL is currently the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, and an excellent product for your home business! As soon as you complete the Travel Training University, you can begin earning.

When will I get paid on my travel sales? earns Company Commissions from our travel partners on travel products sold and pays the IBO commissions and Vacation Credit Bonuses. The IBO Commission will be paid following the completion of travel and receipt of the Company Commission. 

Do I earn commissions on air?

Most airlines do not pay commission, but does charge service fees with some airfare products.  Whether an airfare is commissionable to, or if a service fee applies, then you will receive a commission as outline in our commission plan.

How will I know how much commission I earn? pays you at least 70% in commission, including Vacation Credits and bonuses (please see directly below for a complete commission and service fee outline). This is hands down the highest commission paid by any credible travel company in our industry today that is supported in a feature article written by Travel Agent Magazine on one of our previously acquired travel companies.

Commission Outline


Whether you are working independently or with another travel company you may want to consider a better change throughout for your travel business. Partnering with can increase your income immediately! You will earn more money, which allows more money for marketing, where we also offer cooperative support, which will result in more referrals and clients, which will put more money in your pocket! An unlike others, we have NO HIDDEN COSTS OR FEES!


100% Commission Plan

Many programs begin with a 50/50 spilt, where some offer the ﷯additional chance to earn more down the road, nothing near where you can earn up to 100% of the commissions, depending on how big you want to build your business. We direct deposit it into your bank account with 5-business days of receiving the actual commissions, and we are never late! Our technology allows you to run booking and commission reports 24/7 to track your production and earnings whenever you like. You automatically qualify for our Team Building Agent program, giving you have the ability to bring on associates to work with you to help you grow your business, just like a brick and mortar travel agency, without all the overhead expenses working out of your home!


All Cash Commissions shall be paid in USD and only if an IBO is in good standing and is current on all fees. we will pay out up to 100% of the Company Commissions as follows: (1. Direct Commissions, 2. Vacation Credits, and 3.Team-Total Volume of Agency) depending on sales totals, bonus achievements, and supplier overrides.


10% of Company Commission with Vacation Credits. (Please see “Terms and Conditions” which is the Agreement you must sign as a condition of being an IBO with for more information on Vacation Credit usage). 


IBOs are additionally entitled to share all supplier override commissions and bonuses.  Sometimes suppliers will pay back-end commissions if a certain market share is met.


This was incorporated into the program since airlines do not any longer pay commissions on domestic air travel. We back all of our airfare with a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy in the rare event someone finds a lower airfare price. Special Note: Please call our call center directly for pricing on all international business class flights due to mainly the constant changes; where with our professional help can save your client money.

Can I earn money on the travel product purchases that I personally make?

Of course! As long as your purchase is processed through your own website and the tools, you will receive compensation for any commissionable sale.



Do I need an accountant? 

There are so many variables to that question. You must report your commissions, as you normally would account for any income that you earned throughout the year. You may consider hiring a tax professional to prepare your year-end tax filings. will send you the IRS required form at the end of the year.

Will I receive tax benefits? 

As an Independent Business Owner, you are now in business for yourself. The IRS allows self-employed people to deduct ordinary and customary business expenses such as your hardware and office furniture purchases, advertising, business travel etc. if they fall under certain guidelines. We recommend that you talk with your tax adviser about your specific situation. 

How does track my commissions?

Since all sales are processed through the booking engine, record keeping of your commissions is all done electronically. Working with our travel product providers, we have designed a program that will provide ongoing reports. This program allows us to track your commissions and send an accurate accounting to your personal page in the Resource Center of the website. Full support includes commission tracking and payments, client and supplier payment processing, ARC processing, address verification for online bookings, and credit card merchant processing.

What other expenses do I have while operating my own business?

As a home-based travel business, there is very little overhead. You will have the basic expenses that any business would incur such as tax adviser fees, mailing, marketing and advertising, office supplies and software, utilities and phone charges. You will also have to maintain an Internet service and e-mail.

How do I find out if a commission came in for one of my bookings? 

You can go to your own back office of your website on the website and check on the status of your Commissions, Team Bonuses and Vacation Credits. These are applied to your online account when receives commissions. 

What if I sell a vacation to a client and receive a commission from that sale, then the client decides to book with directly without my knowledge or involvement for his or her next vacation?

Once they are established in our system as your client, you will receive the residual income on the client for as long as you are an active IBO in good standing with The exception to this would be if the client requested another IBO to handle their travel requirements. 


Customer Service

Can I call and ask questions before I make a reservation?

Our call center and online assistance are there to help you, or simply call the reservation department of the travel supplier you are working with. Our Travel Partners have a staff of seasoned professionals who can help you with your reservations before, during or after your client travels. Since our commission structure is the highest overall in the industry today, we want our representatives (IBOs) to contact the particular travel supplier for all bookings, or make the booking directly online. In a business class airfare booking, we want our IBOs to call our 
call center every single time since there are so many constant changes and variations, enabling you in most cases saving your customer money.  


What other assistance do you offer to help me service and grow my business? 

You will be trained on the use of the booking/marketing systems and study materials will be provided so you can familiarize yourself with our Travel Partners.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet with our suppliers online and possibly in person, who will offer training and assist you in growing your business.


Reporting & Monitoring

How can I view my sales activity and commission? 

Upon being accepted into the program, you will be given a login and password to access your personal business information on the website in 

Is this reporting tool 24/7?

Yes. You can access your information at anytime 24/7. 

Still have questions?



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