Premier Connections


 Connect with home-based agents, the fastest growing segment of travel sales. 


 Train them on your specialization, with limited or no direct competition. 


 Develop new sales channels from both the agents and their clients. 

Marketing & Training Plan


 We create the relationship between our agent network and new partners through email campaigns, newsletters, and website links. 

Destination Promotion

 New destinations and travel styles are promoted through webinars, links, 

and e-campaigns. 

Agent Training

 A series of webinars, published documents, and email communications help the agents become nearly experts on the new supplier's travel offerings. 

Direct Marketing

 Reminders, notes, and specials are delivered through email, newsletters, webpage banners, call-to-action buttons, and url links. 

Social Networking

 Integrated campaigns in social media and web marketing expand the network of interested travelers. 

Agent Incentives

 Our agents are incentivized, through vacation credits and higher bonus rates, to book travel through our partners versus online engines, consolidators, or wholesalers. 

Partner Benefits


Annual Marketing Plan

 We work together to develop a plan combining webinars, e-campaigns, technical tools, and incentives to motivate the agents on behalf of the partners. 

Highly Trained Sales Force

 Since you deliver the training, and we deliver the incentive, you control how expert the sales force becomes on your offerings. In many cases, there is virtually no customer service overhead for our partners. 

Technical Integrations

 If possible, we develop integration solutions to ease the interactions in increase the efficiency of our agents booking your travel offerings. 

Near Exclusivity

 Because we want to create experts in our agents, wee do not give them competing partners to evaluate and choose between. Rather, our partners have nearly exclusive access, for their markets, to our agents. 

Agents as Clients

 We don't do FAMs, and our agents earn bonus credits with every commission. That makes them great customers of our suppliers as well. They build vacation credit balances, and often use our partner offerings as incentives to accomplish higher sales, to go on their own adventures. 

Annual Sales Guarantee

 Best of all, we work with each partner to determine an appropriate sales target for our network. We then guarantee that target in writing for our partners. 

Join as a Partner

Let us know you're interested, and we'll get back in touch to setup a time to walk you through the application process.