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  • The only travel company to receive an endorsement by The Small Business Journal.
  •  Multi-Award Winning Enterprise.
  • The world’s best leading Business Travel Agency (host) with World Headquarters in the USA, and offices in London, England. We sell only through our IBOs.
  • Low fees…superior to others that are $500 or more per month (referred to as “fee based hosts”). Our monthly fee, with no hidden costs or fees, is only $29.99 a month!  Take advantage of the world’s highest paid (up to 100%)  Commission Plan. Many of our experienced agents and travel agencies (both classified as  IBOs) have found they increased their earnings immediately.
  • A Fast Start Bonus Plan that is very obtainable.  
  • Professional award-winning marketing support.
  • Developing customer loyalty by offering value, service, benefits and incentives while making the consumer feel special. A low price guarantee on our airfare, giving you a competitive advantage backed by a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy.
  • 24/7 Commission Tracking System.
  • “The Travel Professional Marketing and Training System” for both new or long-time career travel agents with our award-winning Travel Training University that is simply second to none.
  • “High tech” and “high touch” with YOUR OWN Custom Website and Domain.
  •  Industry Leading Commissions, whether you or  your customer  books online or calls our travel booking call centers on air, car, and hotel unlike others, that equates directly into the simplicity of our business model. 
  • An exclusive “Vacation Credit” program for our representatives to take their own vacations so they can familiarize themselves with destinations and return with first-hand knowledge . 
  • Offering opportunity for anyone to become an independent contractor by having their own business to earn part time or full time income leading to residual earning potential for business building.
  • Offering unique “host” agency system and opportunity to any level of experience. Increase earning based on educational systems, to include webinars, etc. (Knowledge is Power). 
  • Solid Company with a debt-free infrastructure through Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Award winning travel technology.

Travel agents, have ignored technology in the past and its impact on travel agencies to their demise. Technology is constantly altering the tools you  use, how you use those tools, how you communicate with clients, and how clients do (or don’t) rely on you for their travel needs. This is where can assist you greatly with our technology.

Technology is power! Why would any travel agent really want to return to costly, inefficient booking and communications systems anyway?


The Future of Travel

All of our students are also offered an optional opportunity to work from home as Independent Business Owners (IBOs). The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System partners with numerous travel companies to make this exciting career available to you with This allows you to be your own boss, earn unlimited income, and enjoy great travel benefits. Training and payment assistance are available to help you get off to a good start that unlike any other is unlimited and never expires without any additional fees. The travel industry is always changing with your new career choice and we will keep you up to date indefinitely during the entire duration of your chosen career in the travel industry. The Travel Professional Marketing & Training System also specializes in working with new travel agents. 


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• Product and Service Guarantee

• Price Meet or Beat Policy

• Dedicated Travel Professionals that work out the best airfare prices for the most complicated itineraries

• Live Customer Support. Our professional travel agents are available 24-hours a day / 7-days a week


You’ll earn money AND travel while you learn!

Our goal is simple: To create learning hands on success stories, one IBO at a time.   TOP OF PAGE